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MD.13 Jewelry

Handmade jewelry that are both minimal and edgy.

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An area where I like to speak some truths

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My name is Monica Krystel Rose, a relate-able member of the working class.
I am a photographer, jewelry designer and an effortless style enthusiast from the NJ / NY area. I see beauty in everything & I try to make usually "unpretty things" more attractive using my creativity.
I don't have much of a sales pitch. I do what I want, what makes me happy and will benefit my life & I think you should, too. My only hope is that I inspire you to be fearlessly true to who you are and unapologetic-ally stand for anything you believe in.

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Music is my fuel.
Art is my eye-opener.
Food is life.
Truth is my shield.

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Thrift shop

Decluttering so here it is, an online thrift shop.
elp me declutter by purchasing my things. Items will cost $3-$15.

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